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Meet Livy Alive

With the powerful sensor station Livy Alive, monitoring rooms is now more precise and efficient than ever before. Numerous sensors paired with sufficient computing power and interfaces offer seamless integration into almost any infrastructure. The adaptive design and clever mounting concept with magnet make Livy Alive flexible and easy to use in your environment.

Livy Alive. The Smart Living Station.

The entire room is in view.
180° super clear view.

Livy Alive transmits razor-sharp images in real-time. With a 180° super-wide-angle camera, Livy Alive overviews the entire room and blind spots are avoided. The smallest abnormalities are quickly detected.

Safe at day and night. Livy Alive brightens up the darkness.

Livy Alive provides high-quality night vision even in the dark thanks to an automatic IR filter and numerous infrared LEDs.

Even the slightest movement will not go undetected.

Livy Alive uses radar technology for accurate motion & presence detection. In case of anomalies, the Smart Living Station sends a message via Livy App or SMS to all users, trusted persons, and relatives.

A connected building that embraces all senses.

Razor-sharp view by day and night.

A high-quality wide-angle camera guards at night and brings light into the dark.
8MP Camera
180° Super-wide-angle-view
Night vision mood
Automatic IR-Filter
Night light
Built-in LEDs and measurement of lux

Listen. Exactly when it matters.

Four microphones detect unusual sound frequencies and alert you by push notifications. At the same time, your privacy is protected because no conversations are overheard or recorded.
Smoke alarm
Identification of existing smoke detectors
Noise level in dB
Notification in case of a loud noises e.g. glass breakage
Help call detection
from 2023

Communicate. Clear- and precisely.

2-way-audio communication enables intercom-like conversations from the app to the Smart Living Station.
Livy App to Smart Living Station
Crystal clear sound quality
High-quality sound from the station
Intelligent voice detection
Speak without facing the device

Smell what’s in the air.

Air sensors watch out for your health and warn in case of toxic concentrations.
Carbon monoxide alarm
Warning for toxic CO levels
Air quality at a glance
Measurement of CO2 and VOC
Mold and frost warning
Measurement of temperature and humidity

Feel. Understand. Connect.

Thanks to highly sensitive radar technology, both intrusions and inactivity can be detected.
Burglary alarm
siren alarm and video recording
Activity notifications
Motion alerts via push message
*Inactivity and fall detection for nursing homes from 2023

Thoughtfully designed. From the inside and the outside.

The shape and form of the Livy Alive integrates perfectly into any ambiance and yet is a real eye-catcher. The case hides the camera from the outside view. Rounded edges provide an elegant look. On the translucent back, LEDs indirectly illuminate the wall or ceiling, revealing the invisible device when needed. A fabric cover encases the device and forms a bridge to the cozy ambiance.

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What about data privacy?
Our business model is not based on the sale of personal data. All communication is encrypted and runs exclusively on servers in Germany.
Developed in Berlin
Livy Alive is developed in Berlin by engineers of HUM Systems GmbH according to the ethical standards in Germany. The entire product, from the hardware to the app, comes from one company. We stand for a real Smart Living alternative and are always available for our users.
Encrypted data
The video live-stream, 2-way audio, and sensor values are transmitted using secure encryption technology (TLS) and processed exclusively on servers in Germany. We always comply with the currrent GDPR-compliant data processing and are regularly audited by independent institutes.
Audio-visual feedback
We create full transparency before the Livy Alive camera is turned on. At the start of the live stream, a beep sounds and the Livy Alive LEDs light up throughout the recording. This ensures that everyone in the room is aware when the camera is turned on.

With the Livy app you always have your home in view.

With the Livy app you always have your home in view.

Sensor values in real-time

Messages in case of alarm

Video live streaming with 2-way audio

30 days video cloud storage

Health Index

Your community

Always keep an eye on your sensor data about movement, air, light, and volume in real-time.
Smoke, gas, or motion alarms are immediately reported to you and your community via push notification and SMS.
Call up a live video stream at any time via the Livy app and talk to people in the room via the 2-way audio function.
View all your recorded video sequences via our encrypted cloud storage with servers in Germany. You can download the videos at any time. After 30 days, your recordings will be automatically deleted.
Receive intelligent evaluations of your air values and advice on ventilation and heating to avoid mold.
Give other residents or trusted person access to your station with different roles and rights.

Get Livy. Get Alive.

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